Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Change Your Water Filter!

I have a counter top water filter. It's got two filters on it--one for chlorine, which is a carbon filter and the other for fluoride, which is activated alumina. It works, I guess. I don't know. As far as I know, you can't taste the fluoride and the testing strip showed no chlorine when I tested it, but then it also showed about the same in the tap water as well. (I am sensitive to the taste of chlorine, though, so I would know if I were drinking it.)

Anyway, I haven't changed the filters in a while. The chlorine one says every two years, and the fluoride one says every year. I was okay with the chlorine one, but the fluoride's been too long. Okay, that's kind of embarrassing. Way too long.

I've had trouble with fluoride side before. Maybe I waited too long to change it previously--I don't know. But when I opened it up, it had been too long. I wanted to throw the whole thing away. I called a friend and we talked about and it, I decided to clean it and just throw the rubber ring away and buy a new one. Oh and I threw out the old filters too, of course.

So I bleached and boraxed and when I get a new rubber ring, I'll put the new filters in and use it again. But ultimately, I think I will buy a new water filter.

And change the filters.

If you're interested, I got my filter from here. I don't think there's anything wrong with them; it's likely I just need to change my filters more often.


Tina Fariss Barbour said...

Our tap water tastes OK, but I've thought about a filter. It would save on bottled water, which I tend to drink more than tap water.

Do you notice a difference in your teeth without the fluoride in it?

Kristina said...

Tina: I don't notice a difference, but I already have mild fluorosis, so I definitely don't want more fluoride if I can help it. I can notice the chlorine taste right now while I'm not using a filter.

71ยบ & Sunny said...

We use a Pur pitcher to filter out the chlorine in our water. It works pretty well. I just hate chlorine smell and taste. Although I always forget to change the filter on time!

Unfortunately, it doesn't get rid of the fluoride though.

I also have a filter on my shower head. It removes chlorine too. It also makes the water MUCH softer. It's better for the skin and is supposed to make hair color last longer.

Kristina said...

Sunny: It's a bit of a hassle to change the fluoride filter, so I kept putting it off...for too long. I have a shower filter as well.

Camille said...

I use a pitcher! But I do want to get a filter from the sink so I can give the dogs filtered water too.

Collene Auston said...

I usually change filters before the recommendeded shelf life. You never know when there's too much buildup of chlorine, fluoride, and other substances that they're able to separate from the tap. Take your fluoride filter for example. Better to pay for the costs of filter maintenance than throwing out the whole system or hospital bills right? -Collene @ QH2OInc