Thursday, October 3, 2013

Cooking Squash in the Slow Cooker

I’ve posted about cooking squash in the slow cooker before, but I thought I do a new post and give you a time-frame, as well.

I’m glad it’s squash season, and I can enjoy winter squash in season, and not from a can! I'd been having some canned pumpkin, but Saturday I cooked one of my first winter squashes of the season—a kabocha.

It can be difficult and dangerous to cut up or peel winter squash before they’re cooked. Some of them have really tough skin. It’s easier to cook them first and then remove the skin.

I put a little water in my slow cooker—maybe a couple of tablespoons. I washed the squash and put it in the cooker. Then I poked a hole in it with a knife, put the lid on and turned it on to high.

About two hours later, I turned the slow cooker off. Check to see if it as soft as you would like it to be.

Remove from the slow cooker so it doesn’t continue to cook. Once it cools, you can cut the skin off or scoop the insides out easily.

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Rachel said...

I've never tried this! I really like butternut and acorn squash, but I typically cook it sliced in half, face down in a glass pan with water in it, it works great that way, but I am a fan of the slow cooker!